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The problem with (European) elections


Today, as in a Sunday with a great weather, we played football for over two hours. I came back tired, so I decided to do something relaxing in the afternoon. An activity like watching the results from European elections in Greece, my home country, seemed to fit the plan. I did that for more than a couple of hours.

I am stripping out the story for sake of brevity and I list only some observations.

1. If you were voting for government but they were only analysing the results of your town, wouldn’t it be weird? Why in (at least in Greek) TV they didn’t even mention the results from other countries? Why did I realize it only afterwards?

2. Far right is on the rise. Is it because of economic crisis, because people decided to hate each other more lately or some other reason?

3. Why are political discussions about parties themselves and how the candidates appear on TV, and not about discussing the philosophical/practical implications of what each party believes, applied on contemporary problems?

4. Why do we have exit polls about the elections results? Anyway, we are going to learn the full results a few hours later. Is so much value derived by having a small idea a few hours earlier to justify them as an expense?

5. I am complaining on the Internet. No one really cares. Maybe I should make them look more extreme so I can grab some attention. Then, I will draw some attention and, who knows, I may make them listen to me. Maybe, I could even apply this logic during the elections.

Only few hours after watching some “political analysis” on TV and I can remember almost nothing of essence.

We could be better.


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