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Some rudimentary thoughts on economics


Artificial inflation could be used instead of some taxes. It makes impossible to evade and it is proportional to the money someone has. Drawback is that it taxes only money and not assets.

Aggressive wealth redistribution is unfair if its only means is high inflation because of the previous drawback.

Bitcoin has no built-in mechanism for inflation. Past performances matter as much as newer. It reinforces status quo by not providing any incentive for innovation. I don’t like this notion of capitalism on steroids. Money (or whatever in their position) should encourage innovation.

Forex exchange. Why can’t someone create their own money exchange system but usually big corporations back these efforts? Even in the presence of fluctuations between different currencies, if you own the same amount of money in all of them you should be relatively safe. The discount of the intrinsic value of money over time can be compensated by the elevated profit margins that these “shop” present.

Negotiate when you are in less need. See tickets, job offers etc. A simplifying rule could be price = value / time_left.


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