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Walk on the city, cook peppers with cheese.


Sometimes, we begin from the title and then we develop according to a process that justifies it/expands on it. Other times, we just observe the trajectory of our thoughts/actions and later on we summarize them in few words.

There is no right and wrong here. The techniques correspond to different aspects.

Now, replace the titles with goals.

Objective function

It may change over time, making fuzzy any judgments about the past. On the other hand, we can still assume that for small periods of time, it is time invariable and we can focus whether we are consistent to a goal or not, in a similar way that derivative works for non-linear functions (assumes that for very small intervals the function is linear). This assumption enables us to extract useful conclusions from our past actions and therefore improving future judgment.

Thanks to Andreas for contributing in the development of these thoughts.


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