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Context and Dexter


Today is good day to make plans for the future and prepare for tomorrow.


John Locke was one of the main supporters of the theory of Tabula rasa. Nowadays, we have an abundance of available context but usually, we are not able to process it all on our own. We are able to choose our environment but usually, we are uninformed to do so. We constantly need a compass of what is important and what is not.

Many people choose the defaults. For instance the default news on TV or the default option whether the will be organ donors.

These defaults may make sense in some cases. It depends on you compass. If here and now is your goal, then I guess it is fine. Otherwise, your options should be what you want the future to be.


American series alert.

Dexter is a serial killer. The audience is tempted by his personality because he only kills “bad” people. He has fallen in love with another serial killer. This serial killer does not like his sister. While he is holding his kid over Christmas dinner, he worries that his girlfriend was responsible for an “accident” of his sister. He can’t trust the person that he loves because of her morals. After a while, and when new clues have been added to the story, he has to make a new decision. He betrays his girlfriend in a similar way Judas betrayed Christ (kiss and then the police appears).

His girlfriend, according to the series, was the reason he had started making plans for the future which is usually not bright for serial killers. Living in the present is here a curse where no internal motivation other than impulsive instincts determine the actions of the protagonist, as the series implies.


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  1. Comment on Dexter section: In the books series, Dexter feels his first human feeling with the birth of his daughter with Rita. Moral or Not family is always his first priority for him, even when his brother Brian returns and takes a place on family dinner. So his impulsive instincts are been determined by his family actions.

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