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Parties and learning


Today is good day to have a party!


I am not a party guy but I have to admit I enjoyed today’s party of webrepublic. The reason is not music, food or drinks. I don’t really care too much about these stuff. The reason is that people there try really hard to build a productive and engaging environment for everyone. It is hard to find a job where you can work with the tools that you like, but it is even harder to find a nice environment.


I want to learn as many things as possible. But also, I want to start delivering according to what I learn. I took the decision to stop reading most of my news feeds for this month and instead reallocate my time in posting everyday something on this blog. That way, I thought I would be forcing myself to observe what are the top ideas in my mind and I would contribute something more than links to interesting content. That was the reason for the genesis of the dec tag and sudden peak of posts in this blog. From now on, I am going to put as my first priority to remove at least 1 small and 1 big item from my todo list everyday with the exception of one day per week, up to Christmas. In order to keep track of this experiment, I will change the first line of my posts here to an encoded form of the todo items that were removed on each day.


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