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On effort and on goals


Today is good day to study something different.

On effort

If you don’t succeed, try again.

On goals

Από τη φύση μας επιδιώκουμε το αδύνατο, αγαπητέ χοντρέ.

That is a quote from a movie/political allegory called “Οι πεινασμένοι (The hungry men)” about a society in crisis. The movie is very different from what I am used to. I am not sure about the depth of the movie, since I can’t really understand it, but for sure it utilizes a dimension that is absent (or at least not that stressed) from the majority of the movies that I have watched.

As for the translation of the quote, in Greek slim (as in humans) and impossible can be reduced to the same word and the guy who gives the quote, claims that the goal, if achieved (which is impossible), will change our nature.


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