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On intelligence and failure


Today is good day to start early.


If I had to suggest a formula for the intelligence of people, affected by how pagerank works, I would give an iterative definition:
the mean value of intelligence of people that we know (in a meaningful way) + their number

I noticed that it is not just the good infrastructure that good universities offer (of course, it is part of the reason) but the surplus of motivated people who are really passionate with their field. I will spare you the examples of overachievers that someone can meet. The amazing thing is that these overachievers inspire you, usually with their humble way to do even greater things that, probably, you would not even consider otherwise.

My underlying argument is that being clever/knowledgeable should translate to something meaningful.


Today, I went to the gym. I have set a goal in my mind in a specific instrument. I failed for 25 seconds. The total exercise takes 15 minutes. Usually, I surpass my goal but today I was feeling tired (and I had also increased the difficulty level). Somewhere in the middle of the exercise, I noticed that I would not meet my goal. I was tempted to quit. If I had done so, I would never see what are my true limits and I would also have had the impression that I would need more time to complete the exercise than I actually needed.

I think that we should try our tasks (at least we train or they are personal) up to their end. Then, we can learn a better lesson from a complete failure (or maybe an eventual success!). On the other hand, if our actions affect others, of course we should let them know as early as possible so they can take their measures.


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