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Snow, bicycle and Z


Today is the first workday of December. If you want to prepare yourselves for the new year’s resolution and compare it to the last one’s, you still have one month to go.

Bicycling while it is snowing

I bicycled yesterday and today (go – return to ETH). It does not look as dangerous as I was afraid of. Some bike lanes are a little bit more slippery than the road. If you keep a straight direction (no turns) and you don’t hit break, and it is mostly fine even in these parts. For efficient driving you should avoid taking a lot of turns of hitting the breaks even in good weather! 😛 All in all, I think even with these slippery parts of the bicycle lane, it is safer to drive there than on the road. Bonus, you make the bike lane safer for the next cyclists. 😛

As for the equipment, extra trousers are necessary because the snow melts on your feet after a while. Also, apart from the usual (scarf, cap, gloves) it looks like ski goggles or at least some kind of glasses are necessary, otherwise you can’t really see when it is snowing heavily.


It refers to a movie. The movie was displayed by the Greek student association. I think it depicts nicely a dark period for Greece. It made me think why so many people tolerated such a sad situation. I believe that most people don’t really care about what kind of political system a country has, as long as it covers some basic needs. In order to have a critical mass against a given situation, people should feel very unsatisfied personally one way or the other. Also, it seems that propaganda can do wonders in these situations. Feeling happy/miserable is also a matter of perception and if you are convinced that you are happy or at least not as miserable as you could be otherwise, then you don’t react. I would argue that preserving status quo is not necessarily a bad thing for social structures since it increases predictability and therefore people can focus on their lives in a more personal way. On the other hand, tolerating a situation of constant asphyxia in terms of freedom leads to intellectual paralysis. Even if someone would promise me that I could be a happy monkey, I think I would prefer to stay a human who can be sad from time to time.


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