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Tear apart


I liked you. Being with you made my days always better. I was feeling much more powerful and faster when I was with you. Without realizing it, I grew fond of you. I kept making dreams despite the harsh winter that is coming.

All of a sudden, a few days ago you started whining. At the beginning, I didn’t pay any attention. It was easy to find excuses. Maybe, it was my imagination or, maybe, something that time would heal. But your whining persisted. I had to confront the reality. Maybe there was a real problem. I started thinking of solution. I was contemplating of discussing the matter in a direct confrontation with you but I was a little bit worried about the cost.

I should have acted proactively. As it seems, you had other plans. Today, we were going together to the supermarket. Towards there, almost at the end, you burst. You started making a lot of noise. I was there, by you, in the cold feeling so sad and impotent.

It could not be. I walked by you. At least, I was somehow prepared. I tried to understand what exactly was happening. I saw a part of the truth, but only the pieces that you left to slip towards my untrained eyes. Partly, I blamed myself of not taking care properly of you earlier. But how could I know? I passed quickly through all the stages of grief. Now, at the moment of writing this memorial, I still feel interwoven depression and acceptance. But, before coming to the present, let me tell you a bit more about what happened later, as you may understand my feelings.

Being silent and disappointed, I walked with you for several meters back home. We were not talking anymore, preoccupied by our own thoughts. The light rain and the cold atmosphere almost matched with my feelings. I was still contemplating about what went wrong and what we could have improved. I decided that we should at least try to see if we could fix things once again.

When I asked what was wrong and I was told the price that I should pay for that, I was shocked. Then I was reminded. To find a love is not that hard, but to maintain it, it needs the dedication of a whole life. I made my mind. I was ready to pay the price in order to have you with me once again.

After a long time, I came back home without you. I still feel the pain, but now, I also feel more mature. I will see you again tomorrow. For the time being, I hope you will be safe.

…In case you were confused, my bicycle’s rear tire was blown out today.



  1. Aσταδιαλα. Μας εστειλες και τους δυο. Σχεδον μου’ρθανε κλαματα μεχρι το τελος. Ιδιοφυιες :Ρ

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