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Letzte Woche (Last Week)


This week I started the intensive German courses at UZH. I continue on the class A1.2 since I had took a class last semester. I am very happy with the experience so far and it is amazing how many people you get to know in these classes. I start by describing from the latest day up to Wednesday since I am too tired to go back to last weekend. In short, everything goes fine and I am very happy about that. I discuss with a company about a job and I found a new apartment to stay with a friend of mine in order to share the expenses (and since the current one is going to be demolished).

Today, on Friday, we took a tour in the city while looking for some details in several places of interest in order to practice our German. We found a two elder people near the Chinese gardens who helped us a lot by trying their best to fill out almost all of our questions. Some were almost close to impossible to be recalled by heart (how many windows and what color are in Fraumünster). Nevertheless, half of our sheet was completed there while enjoying a nice conversation despite our struggle with German. Then, after having a lunch, we visited some other places to collect more information.

Yesterday, the major events for me was the presentation about having a bicycle in Zurich in German and later, going out with guys from ceid, the department where I was as an undergraduate student. It was very fun and I enjoyed! I hope there will be more times like that.

On Wednesday, after the German classes, we probably found a new apartment in the neighborhood. Then, we enjoyed the company of friends while cooking our special dish, pizza, you know, of those that are already prepared in the supermarket.

I would have written for the other days too, but I feel exhausted after this week. Thankfully, the weather is very nice and it is a great chance for a very nice weekend by the lake.


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