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Notes from yesterday


A friend of mine and me went for a coffee yesterday. Even though the weather was bad, the conditions for a nice discussion were good. I was mostly listening and sometimes I interrupted him in order to take some notes. Since the list on my phone is limited and my notes were mostly meant as triggers to remember other thoughts, I will expand on some thoughts here in order to visit them again in the future.

New ideas vs Improvement of an older one.

I will skip the explanation on this section for now.

Don’t be constipated

Relax. Take your time. Think what you do and enjoy it. Love what you do.

Argument: If you are constipated, your expression is tight. You look worried. You are constantly in hurry, preoccupied. You want to finish with the task at hand as soon as possible because you have other businesses to attend to. You don’t enjoy what you do and, therefore, you can not excel.

Keep a diary

Check yourself. Your goals. Are you consistent with your wishes? Revise your plans. Obtain another perspective. Expose yourself.

Argument: Otherwise, it is easier to “forget” your goals. To rush into unnecessary things. To be impulsive.

Set aside some personal time

Quite obvious but easily neglected. It helps you rethink what you aim for.


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