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How’s life?


The new semester at ETH started today. The exams finished for me on Saturday 4/2. So, I enjoyed almost two weeks of vacation.

The first few days, I was solving problems in Project Euler and I finished reading two literature books. Mostly Harmless (Hitchhiker’s Guide, #5) and Demian.

Then, some friends of mine came to Zurich. I gladly discovered new aspects of the city that I live during the last few months that I was not aware of. Furthermore, having a great company the city was looking even greater! The only misfortune was that all the days that these friends were here, it was really cold. We also visited Luzern.

The last few days were spent on various things. Just some rest, a small trip to Schaffhausen where, according to wikipedia, is the Europe’s largest waterfall and catching up with some administrative things.

Coming to the present day, ETH courses have started again and I am very happy about it. The courses that I attended today were very interesting. The instructors were clear and helpful in understanding the material.

Side note: I put some links at the beginning of this post. When I read another post or article, I usually open them in a new tab and read them after having finished what I was reading, unless they are essential. The other way would be read them and then come back. I have read studies that the back button is one of the most used in browsers. Therefore, some people read the linked webpage right away. The first method is like BFS while the second one is more like DFS. I like more DFS as an algorithm 😛 (silly preferences!) but I use BFS when browsing. I wonder if someone else had thought about it.



  1. dtzortzis42 says:

    I try to discipline myself and practise my focus (it’s like a muscle, they say) therefore I don’t click the links until I’ve read what I started. Unless, of course, as you said, they are necessary to understanding something.

  2. Apostolos Filippas says:

    Hey Dimle!

    I wish you great results in your exams 🙂
    I also prefer the DFS variant dtzortzis42 mentioned.

    Which courses did you choose?

    • dimle says:

      Hi Apostoli! How are you?

      Thanks for the wishes! I thought dtzortzis42 mentioned BFS (read everything on the current level, then proceed to the next one).

      Satisfiability of Boolean Formulas – Combinatorics and Algorithms (research course)
      Algorithms for Database Systems (seminar — presentation of some papers)
      Managing Large Data (internals of databases)
      Complexity Theory (using a similar model to Turing Machine)
      Seminar Algorithmic Game Theory (seminar — today’s first lecture)
      Decision Theory: Rationality, Risk and Human Decision Making (tomorrow’s first lecture)

      More details: http://www.vvz.ethz.ch/ (just paste the name of the course on the “course unit” and hit search)

      and one more project. The details of the project are not final yet.

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