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Reasons to be happy


This time period, we try to remember that we can be happy according to the Christmas spirit. Nevertheless, there are many reasons we should be happy, as we learn from movies and TV series during the year.

Most likely:

  1. You are not imprisoned. (Unfairly, because you killed your wife…)
  2. You are not chased by zombies.
  3. You are not trying to get in prison for whatever reason. (To free your brother)
  4. You are not chased by vampires, werewolves.
  5. You have not fallen in love with (at least one) vampire or werewolf.
  6. You are not running a mafia family.
  7. The world will not end if you fail to do something.
  8. No member of your family, relatives, friends is/are kidnapped.
  9. You don’t have to knock down a whole army.
  10. You don’t live in Matrix. That’s a lie. YOU are the chosen one.
  11. You are not a fallen angel who just convinced his girlfriend and she died.
  12. Earth is not going to be destroyed in the near future (if that happens, reach me to pay you back).
  13. You are not the last survivor of Earth.
  14. A comet is not going to hit Earth.
  15. US president’s life does not depend solely on you.
  16. There is no maniac who runs the hotel you live and he thinks that he is his dead mom.
  17. Dinosaurs are not chasing you.
  18. You are not a lonely survivor in an island.
  19. Your life is not fake and you are not monitored for a TV show.
  20. You don’t create fighting clubs by literally fighting with yourself.
  21. You can create new memories.
  22. Aliens have not invaded Earth.
  23. You are not a guard in a prison executing people.
  24. You are not infiltrating in any army campus
  25. You are not defusing bombs just a few seconds before they detonate. With bare hands. For the first time in you life. By taking instructions by phone.  And choosing a differently colored wired to cut.
  26. You don’t have to be expert in martial arts to survive.
  27. You don’t jump over the roofs of high buildings.
  28. Your friends are not aliens/converted to zombies/serial killers/drug dealers.
  29. You don’t have to gain your life as a gladiator.
Feel free to extend the list…

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