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Schedule up to Christmas


I am flying back to Greece on December, 23. The important milestones up to that date, according to my calendar.

  • Saturday 17/12 final exams in Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Methods (morning)
  • Sunday 18/12 final exams in ai-class.
  • Monday 19/12 Graded exercise sheet in Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Friday 23/12 ASL: 3rd milestone.

Apart from these goals, there are some pending jobs up to the end of this weekend.

My plan.

First week

  • Public commitment that I won’t use my computer from 08.00 – 22.00 (Sunday – Saturday). I will focus on theoretical courses and what I need is already printed out.
  • Up to Sunday, I will have finished everything non-related to Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Methods.
  • On Sunday, make a study plan for this course, leaving one day off for flexibility/revision of the material.
  • Next Saturday: Give the examination, then study intensively for the new unit of ai-class (NLP) and the examination.
  • Sunday, take the examination and make a plan about how to study ASL.

Second week

  • Study ASL book on Monday, Tuesday
  • Model the system that we have implemented on Wednesday.
  • Refine and write down the report on Thursday.
  • Enjoy the flight on Friday and make a plan where I will be and when. First priority, Algorithms lab.

Bonus: If everything goes according to the plan, I am going to attend to Papadimitriou’s lectures.


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