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To be honest


After a class today, I went to a ETH building (CHN) where there are three floors with several positions where we can study. When I went there, there were 10 CHF on a table. There were some people on this table.

Time went by and, at some point, those who were sitting there had gone and some other people were in their places. The 10 francs still there. I was studying with a friend. Jokingly, we decided to leave an extra of 10 cents on top of the ten francs, just as the prize of the owner who had forgotten the money there (payoff for taking the risk!).

We went for lunch. Now, after 5 hours and several people have passed by, the money are still there! I wonder when the person who has forgotten them is going to drop by..!

I admire this mentality!



  1. sbosx says:

    Generally, I believe that there are many people who wouldn’t take the lost money of someone’s else, but if this is repeated for five hours straight it is truly remarkable.

    Also, the story with the prize is funny! I would love to learn if this person will find his belongings, and if he is not gonna take those 10 cents because they are someone’s else.

  2. Asimina says:

    ha! that’s Swiss people for you!
    if you go to the country side, you may see piles of pumpkins, or other vegetables or even flowers, just beside the road, with a sign indicating the price and a box to leave money. and they are unattended.
    People that want to buy, take as many as they want, leave money and then leave. I used to see this when I was a kid. ask Swiss people for more details (maybe i don’t remember everything correctly)

  3. dimle says:

    Wow! This is even more amazing! I didn’t know that! I wish other countries would follow their lead.

  4. Asimina says:

    Δεν μπορούν όλοι να είναι Ελβετία.. και υπάρχουν πολλοί λόγοι για αυτό.

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