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Zurich: The first week


In a few words


MIT graduate in Physics, student accepted in top US universities, clever people from Greece, inspiring PhD candidates…


Clean, tidy, well thought, expensive. Minimized unpredictable events. Public transportation schedules are very accurate! Prices are almost always the double when compared to Greece.


The lectures start next week.

A more personalized side of the story

People are amazing! I met people who impressed me with their professional life. But what truly had an impact on me was their determination about what they want in their life. Clever discussions about economy and politics (stating that you are Greek very often initiates a discussion about the recent economic recession in Greece), philosophy and why we do some things in our life and many other subjects…

The place is wonderful!

The photo at the right is at a quiet neighborhood of the city. We found this neighborhood at our way to a house that we visited while we were looking for a place to stay.

Food and prices

The prices here are very high. Not only for people from Greece. Zürich is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, if not the most expensive. On the other hand, you can easily find a job here (unemployment rate: 3.9%) with very good salary (a suggested (not obligatory) minimum wage: 3000 CHF). So, the prices are not that big deal for the locals (or those who have a job here).

The restaurants are very expensive. So, we were buying things from the supermarket and visit the local park or back at the hostel!

Our choice was among some salads, chicken, bread and things that do not need an oven or a refrigerator, which means not too many!

The weather, on the other side (the sky!) is wonderful so far. Only during the night the temperature is low and you may need a jacket. Of course, we are still in September.

About the language, German is widely used almost everywhere! But thankfully, there is not a problem in the university where the lingua franca at least in graduate level is English. The lectures are in English too. But because the undergraduate program is in German, it would be beneficial to someone to know the language.

ETH has some great courses and a very large array for choice. I can’t wait for the start of the lectures!

As for friends, during the first days I met a few Greeks and so I have a very good company so far! Let’s see and the other persons at the lectures!

Ending this post, I would like to express how much I am looking forward to arrival of a few friends from Greece, here to show them the places! Unfortunately, before that I have to learn my everyday life and the lectures start only this Monday.


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