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Zurich: First impressions


I came to Zurich the day before yesterday. A friend of mine and her father helped me to find my way through the public transportation mean in Zurich. The system used here is really simple. You just need someone to explain a few details for you.

Public transportation system


There is a special reduction is you are under 16 years old. The price of the ticket is also determined by the number of zones that you traverse. The zone 10 (center of Zurich) and Winterthur count as double (two zones). The airport belongs to zone 21. So, we need a ticket for 3 zones (remember, zone 10 counts as double). We can get a ticket from a machine at the exit of the airport. There are one-hour valid ticket and daily tickets. The ticket is valid for all trams, trains and buses in these zones.

How to find the appropriate transportation mean

First of all, we need to know where we are heading to. The final destination of a tram is written at a digital label in front of the tram. We choose a tram/bus/train by the criterion of whether the stop that we are interested in is in the direction.

Example. We want from the airport to go to ETH. We take the tram number 10 with destination Bahnhofplatz|HB and we stop at the appropriate stop. There is a panel which shows where the tram is heading and the needed time.

Trains are for longer distances.

Reference material (pdfs)
Trams and buses in Zone 10 (central Zurich)

The city is wonderful. There is very beautiful river. There is also a boat, if you want a ride! Trams are very frequent and we know how much time is needed for the next one. People are very friendly and most of them speak English too.

The roads are big, with large pedestrian walks. There are not too many cars here. Every parking slot is expensive. People have strong incentives to prefer public transportation means.


Everything here is very expensive, at least when compared to Greek equivalents. For instance tomatoes at the supermarket have up to 10 CHF/kg, and 2 L of olive oil 25 CHF. On the other hand, milk is around 1.30 CHF/L.

Eating in a restaurant costs around 15 CHF (really really cheap) – 40 CHF.

Personal Experience

I stay temporarily (until I find a more permanent place) at the Youth Hostel. The first day I walked around a little bit about Zurich (river, Central etc). The next day I bought a montly card, a Swiss sim card for my phone and submitted some papers at the ETH.

ETH has an amazing building fulled with helpful people! When the lectures begin, I will have an opinion about the academic staff, but so far I have not noticed anything negative. ETH is located in two places. The sport center is amazing! It is like entering in a high class villa!

The way the things work (organized), the tidiness and the clean places, the innovative approaches to a lot of things, the attitude of the people has left me amazed! The only “weird” situation here is how hard it is to find a residence.

Now, we live at the same hostel with another person (Praxitelis) and it is nicer to have someone around.

More things on the next days..!



  1. kary says:

    to be continued

  2. Evros says:

    Καλή αρχή Δημήτρη !

  3. geobele says:

    Καλωσόρισες και καλή αρχή! Καλή επιτυχία με την εύρεση σπιτιού και κυρίως καλό κουράγιο! Αλήθεια,πού βρήκες τις ντομάτες 10 φράγκα το κιλό? Σε γκουρμεδοστέκια? Στο ΣΜ μέχρι χτες τις είχαν περίπου 3,50chf (MIGROS, baby!).

    • dimle says:

      Στο Coop. Έπρεπε να τις βγάλω και φωτογραφία! Ήταν πραγματικά εντυπωσιακό. Στη λαΪκή που είδε ένα άλλο παιδί τις είχαν 6.5 φράγκα!

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