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Selfishness is an oversimplification


After a long conversation late at night with a close friend of mine (Kostas) about what life is and how we think, the following quote was said as a conclusion:

The unrestrained selfishness is an oversimplification that leads to misery.

Some of the reasons that I can remember:

  1. Happiness lies in interpersonal relationships.
  2. Happiness can’t have only one parent. Like all human children.
  3. By restricting our goals to ourselves, we make our visions very shortsighted.
  4. Our personal death should not be the necessary limit of our dreams.
…and a lot more, many of them belong to a long night some weeks ago. Same is true for the citations of the above sentences, which are mainly based on personal introspection and may differ according to the person.
Anyway, this is a personal (b)log.

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