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High School Musical


The story is about two high school students, Troy and Gabriella who accidentally meet each other in a karaoke contest where they discover their interest towards singing. Being worlds apart, they are soon surprised as they found out that they are going to attend the same high school since Gabriella had to move.

Nonetheless, their common interest for singing is not shared by their friends. They strongly believe that they should do only what they have already proved that they are good for. The conflict with the singing of the basketball world for Troy and excellent student for Gabriella seems inevitable and their colleagues fail to adopt to it. Resistance is being presented by those involved in the singing since they want to ensure their success by obstructing their competitors. Now, they have to strive for their dream and along the way, change the behavior towards this decision of their environment at the same time.

I really liked the story, even though we don’t see any exceptional performance from the actors or an unpredictable movie. As a movie targeting the new generation has the perfect alibi of conveying a few morals which I find noteworthy. First of all, I am fond to the idea of exploring ourselves beyond what we do well, having tolerance to failure and be able to learn something new. These are traits that enable us to become more well-rounded personalities and explore new ideas. People who are courageous enough to move new territories without being afraid enjoy the benefit of grasping new concepts, new ideas and push their personal boundaries even further.

Goofs: In a scene Gabriella who is supposed to be an expert in mathematics and chemistry, draws a double bond on a chemical formula at the board where there was a CH3 which had single covalent bond.


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