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A survey for writing your CV in LaTeX


Advanced two-column LaTeX CV Template

Not exactly a template but a tutorial. In this blog post and in the following parts is explained how to design a two-column layout in LaTeX.



CurVe is a class for writing a CV, with configuration for the language in which you write. The class provides a set of commands to create rubrics, entries in these rubrics etc. CurVe then format the CV (possibly splitting it onto multiple pages, repeating the titles etc), which is usually the most painful part of CV writing. Another nice feature of CurVe is its ability to manage different CV ‘flavours’ simultaneously. It is often the case that you want to maintain slightly divergent versions of your CV at the same time, in order to emphasize on different aspects of your background. CurVe also comes with support for use with AUC-TeX.



You choose the overall formatting by deciding which class to use, while the package provides the detailed formatting.



This package contains a proposition for making CV presentation more easy. The sty file define new space for the page, and allows new control of the presentation. A tex file give an example of CV. Yet, a CV reflects your personality. We encourage you to edit that sty and modify it as you prefer and to play with pagination of your CV as much as possible.



The class provides an environment for creating a fancily laid out tabular curriculum vitae inspired by the european curriculum vitae.



The package allows the user to set up a curriculum vitae as a French employer will expect.



The europecv class is an unofficial LaTeX implementation of the standard model for curricula vitae (the “Europass CV”) as recommended by the European Commission. Although primarily intended for users in the European Union, the class is flexible enough to be used for any kind of curriculum vitae.


Latex Resume Template By David Grant

A good looking resume using the shading package.



Moderncv provides a LaTeX documentclass for typesetting modern curriculum vitaes in various styles. It is fairly customizable, allowing you to define your own style by changing the colors, the fonts, … and provides two default styles: classic and casual.



A derivative of the cv class available to lyx users.





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  2. […] Typesetting your academic CV in LaTeX – Using the LaTeX Resume Templates – A survey for writing your CV in LaTeX – ModernCV and Cover Letter – Stylish CV – A XeLaTeX CV class with flexible layout – Give your […]

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