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How are you?


Claimer: What is valid in general affects what is true more specifically.

General Idea:
I returned from the summer vacation yesterday. I have to finish my diploma thesis in order to fulfill my duties with the school (Computing). I plan to pursue a PhD abroad. Meanwhile, I have to join the army (most likely).

For this year:
It is the transitional phase where the predictability/safety of the student years comes to end and the compulsory change of environment is approaching.

For this month:
It combines vacation and work. I am also looking for some good universities abroad to apply for a PhD. I try to collect the necessary material for the English examinations (TOEFL, GRE).

For today:
I had an offer for an internship at a university abroad by a Greek professor. The offer is excellent as well as the professor (I had the luck to meet him in person during a talk). Nevertheless, I will prefer to join the army.

In general:
The (recurring) dilemma which determines my decisions consists of two vertical dipoles:
a) Graduate studies or work.
b) Army now or later (where later is undefined)

I am inclined towards the first part of both dipoles. Especially for the first one (studies). So, the main thing to consider is the time when I should join the army. Sometimes, it looks like they can live together in harmony, sometimes a choice look like an obstruction.

Due to (a) I have already rejected some proposals for work which is not the best thing for the psychology of a lad. 
Due to (b) I have already spent more than enough time thinking which is the best choice and now I have to reject an excellent offer for studies which I may not find the next year. 

No is the worst word in the vocabulary. Unless there is a better yes somewhere else.

How are you?


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