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A case flight: During the metaphor



As Constantine Cavafy, has put it in his poem “Ithaca”:

When you set out for Ithaka
ask that your way be long,
full of adventure, full of instruction.

The title “Ithaca” is inspired by the adventures of Odysseus as they have been sung by Homer. During those days, humans were trying to explore the vast blue of the sea. Nowadays, the exploration of the blue has been extended to the sky. Undeniably, every adventure has its own blues, no matter which is your transport mean. On the plus side, we get more color in our lives.

Especially hard parts of a flight are usually the take off and the landing. A trip without many surprises lies usually during the main part of the flight. Most people are afraid of these two parts because of the dramatic influence on their dynamic energy. If we use the metaphor of a flight at the life of a student, the take off corresponds to the first days in the a new city while the landing to the days when he must leave.

Armed with dreams and excitement for the years to follow, almost every young student has to go through the process of moving in a new city, being responsible for herself and, in general, start a new life. She has to make her way through all these difficulties but she knows it is really worth the pain. We should not neglect that she will live in a protected environment for the years to come, with most students having a substantial financial support from their parents while their peers share most of her anxiety, troubles, worries.

The following years are without many surprises, but filled with a lot of experiences, living a life, developing an independent personality, educating herself, exploring her interests, living through a smooth procedure which helps grow up to an adult.

Ask that your way be long.

The exploration of the limits of the sky beholds can be really exciting. There are many different types of cloud with each cloud being unique. Going out with at least 10 persons at the same time, being out for the whole day, being in school for the whole day, eat at arbitrary times, the attendance of a class from almost 100% during the first days of the semester to fall down to few people during the semester, the first exams period, the recurring decision at the beginning of each semester that “I will regularly study during the next semester” are some of the most classical experiences. The array of experiences is determined by the nature of the school, the campus and the circumstances.

Full of adventure, full of instruction.

Nevertheless, all good things have an end. Sometimes this is justified as the dawn of something even better and mostly that is what we hope for. The final act, sometimes a much anticipated one, is being played no matter how far it looks when someone is in his first year of studies. The fatigue comes along with the process of moving out. But it is not limited to physical effects but the stress is overwhelming at many levels, including the psychology of the person who has to move out. The details can’t be laid out precisely here for the same reasons that can not be conveyed easily.

Your arrival there is what you are destined for.

This flight does not end here.The end of the undergraduate studies denotes the flight for a new life, having the foundations of all these years to provide the necessary power to take off.

So wise you have become, of such experience,
that already you’ll have understood what these Ithakas mean. 


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