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Moving out



The plan: Moving out on Monday 2 August. Some stuff go to one town, the rest of them to another.
The problem: The owner of the house, suddenly, demanded the house at her disposal on Monday 2 August early at the morning.
The pressure:
Moving out of Patras permanently. a) My student years come to an end. b) Joining the army due to my country’s obligatory service.

What actually happened: 

Ι was informed about the intentions of the owner on Friday morning/noon. I immediately call my father to learn what he has arranged. He tells me that he will discuss the issue on Saturday with a guy my uncle has suggested to him. I insist on giving me his phone number to personally arrange the details immediately. That is where the adventure begins.

I call him to get a clue about the price and his availability on Sunday (there was a strike during those days which was illegal). He tells me 450 euro! I immediately lost 5 years of life, had 2 strokes and 1 heart attack but before passing out I replied: “It is really hard to prefer you to assist us”. That was enough to have a reduction of the price at 380 euro.

Finding out some alternatives and learning the prices of the market was the next step. I call some friends, whoever might have a clue about which should be the price, to get some advices. Because using the telephone is a bottleneck since you can contact to only one, the use of the computer assists dramatically given that most of my acquaintances are accustomed to using the Internet. Thankfully, I got the suggestions of some friends who had used some companies when they had needed them. Having the phones of these companies makes easier the next step, as well as having listed to the arguments of my friends about why the price should be lower.

Calling all the companies which the friends of mine had suggest and taking notes on their prices and their service is the next move. Most people talking on behalf of those companies move around the same pattern. There are major strikes; we run serious risk for this job; we do it especially for you; this is the best offer you could find in the market; are their arguments mostly. Partially prepared by the previous calls, partially learning on the process the negotiations begin and I feel more articulate than usually when I am trying to persuade someone. From now on the rules were known (a game theory setting probably could be applied).

The bargain takes precisely one hour, which was the self-imposed limit for a decision. Sunday was close enough and a decision should be made. The offer of 450 euro goes down to 250 just for the one city and a promise for 70 euro for another, when he learns I have found a better company. Meanwhile, the offer had gone to 350 euro if I would give a hand to transfer my stuff and to 300 euro when I say it would be preferable to sell my things for this price and buy them again using the money which would be saved by not doing the transfer.

The best offer though was found with the first call to a man who was sounding more fair and he had no problem to transfer all of them to both cities for 320 euro and made no other demands. A few calls later we had a deal and I would finally move out on Sunday noon. The key is that I only need to have all the things taken out of the house until Sunday night but it is of no interest when they will reach their destination (but in a reasonable time frame).

The preparations for moving out are melancholic, but I had some help which lifted most of the weight out of my shoulders. She packs all the small things (apart from the furniture) in boxes, a process which is regard as boring/trivial by me. She did, though, left me in awe about her efficiency/tidiness/care. We should not neglect that shed helps distinguish what is useful and what not by providing a vertical approach to my “I can’t think of a use in 3s” approach.

The washing machine seemed to be the heaviest but it was the couch which was the most tiresome. The washing machine fits in the elevator making everyone’s life easier but the couch has to go down several floors coloring the expression “watch your steps” with several meanings. Even the fridge was “cool” enough to not impose any burden. After moving all these furnitures, I feel like having built some muscles.

Leaving an empty house, leaves no space for you to live in this particular house. So, that night I slept at the couch of a kind enough friend whose girlfriend really helped me. The plans for the next day as simple as “Get my luggages and leave this city after saying a last goodbye”.

This last goodbye had a longer duration than I thought. I call the owner of the house in order to take the last of my luggages (which I could carry on the train) and take the first part of the warranty that had been paid for the house at the beginning of the contract. Without any complaint, since I had nothing to do, I found myself doing some chores (paying some bills and helping with bringing the necessary tools for painting the house) in exchange of having a nice meal :). So the first hours of the morning were filled with something, making me more happy than doing nothing at all.

Saying goodbye is a mixture of feelings, which is hard to define (or we want it to be). I was surprised to see a few friends which I was not expecting at the station on the day I was leaving. The hardest part is to be far away from people with you share a strong bond. That is when you realize your daily life becomes a memory.

Now, I am here, struggling to make my way for my new daily life. Many aspects have been changed.


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