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Preliminary thoughts about Arch


I am considering of trying Arch after long time due to the following reasons:

  1. Python 3 transition
    I am a loyal fan of Python 3 and I think it is time for the transition, now that NumPy and other projects have moved/are moving to the latest version of Python. Even PSF promotes more actively Python 3 since as it seems Python 2.7 is the last version of 2.x series
  2. KDE SC
    People using Arch seem to prefer KDE and I concur. KDE 4.4 which I currently use is stable enough and it has caught up with most major features of 3.x series. The next versions of KDE will be even more stable and there is no reason for long delays.
  3. Easy packaging
    Their package system seems relatively easy to grasp, even though I really like the use of apt in Debian.
  4. Small changes on the packages when compared to their mainstream version. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it is not (not well integrated with the system).

On the other hand, I don’t like the bleeding edge nature of Arch, so I will keep using Debian testing (which is rock solid) on daily basis at least for an extended time period.


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